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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT by phone is similar to seeing a therapist face to face for therapy but there is no travelling for either client or therapist and sessions are fully adaptable to a client’s lifestyle and circumstances.

CBT by phone sessions are particularly useful treating people who have agoraphobia and or panic attacks,  are disabled with a long term health condition, housebound, have young children, or are carers.  Other clients have busy schedules or may not have access to a local service.
CBT by phone sessions treat the normal range of adult mental health conditions including anxiety disorders, depression  trauma, PTSD,  panic attacks, low self esteem, assertiveness, procrastination, loss of confidence, social anxiety, motivation, over-worrying, chronic pain or other health conditions etc. 
The first step in the process is to contact us either via email or telephone so that we can make a free initial assessment of your therapy needs, gain some background into your own particular problem and see if we can be of help to you. There is absolutely no obligation to commence online cognitive behavioural therapy via telephone or  Skype™ at this stage. If you feel that this will be of help and you have a fully functional landline or Skype™ online we would then agree a date and time for your telephone counselling therapy sessions to start.
 A CBT by phone session lasts an hour and can be booked  between 9am and 9pm Monday to Friday and at certain times on a Saturday or Sunday weekend depending on availability.
It is your responsibility to make the phone call so please make sure you are available and ready because the cost of sessions are pre-paid. If 24 hour notice is given we simply arrange a date and time that is more suitable for your particular commitments and lifestyle. 

CBT  by phone in English, Spanish, German and Dutch is offered by specialist bilingual therapists at Yorkshire Psychology Practice.

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