Behavioural Therapy

You Can Feel Better; By Having Therapy to Change What You Do


Behaviour Therapy is based on the idea that people can feel better by changing what they do. It may involve changing the way you behave and in consequence feeling more able to cope in situations that cause you distress. Often rewards to reinforce positive actions and behaviours are built into this programme. Behaviour Therapy can be particularly useful with difficulties such as panic attacks, phobias and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD.)




Parenting Training

Yorkshire Psychology Practice psychologists can also provide specialist parenting training, using the Webster-Stratton programme. This is a behavioural package tailored for parents who would simply like to learn more about parenting as well as for parents who would like to improve their child’s behaviour. It involves learning more about the key to a successful parent/child relationship and what motivates difficult behaviour. It introduces techniques for promoting good behaviour, as well as reducing less desirable behaviour. This intervention is offered on an individual or a group basis.

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