Supporting Older Adults

Dr Heather Langham


YPP provides psychological assessment and therapy, as well as neuropsychological assessment and treatment for supporting older people presenting with a wide range of mental health problems.

Supporting older adults in this stage of life can involve a range of opportunities and challenges, some of which you may wish to discuss with a trained professional. 

Retirement can be a point of celebration, yet the transition from working life to a fulfilling retirement may not always be straightforward. We are experienced in supporting people to navigate role transitions and to support you to reflect on what constitutes a meaningful life for you.

As we age, we are more likely to experience physical health problems and/or memory difficulties and we may wish for support to enable us to adjust to these. Bereavement can understandably hit hard, particularly if losing a spouse or close friends. Having a supportive space to mourn this loss whilst also adjusting to life without this loved one may be desired by some following this experience.

Psychological support may also be desired as you navigate new roles such as becoming a grandparent, which may bring great joy along with less welcome expectations from others that you may not feel confident to address.

At Yorkshire Psychology Practice our associate Clinical Psychologists are trained in a variety of psychological therapies which can be drawn upon to meet your needs. You are welcome to contact us to arrange a (no-obligation) initial assessment session where your situation and needs can be better understood.

We are also able to supervise staff working with and supporting older adults, and contribute to the wider operational aspects of care home services.

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There are a number of UK charities supporting our older population. Age UK  is the Uk’s largest free information and advice giving service promoting the well-being of older adults


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