Clients’ Stories

Support and Service provided by Yorkshire Psychology Practice

 The clients’ stories below illustrate the support and service that YPP has been able to offer to our clients.

  • YPP provided an educational assessment for a five year old boy with learning difficulties living abroad when the family wished to return to England and asked for help to find an appropriate school.


  • YPP was contacted and asked to provide a psycho social and educational assessment for a young professional who was facing incompetency proceedings due to her dyslexia. This assessment was accepted by the client’s professional awarding body and no further action was taken. This client is now happy and confident again working in her current post.


  • Solicitors requested YPP to make an assessment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for a 72 year old woman after she collided with a vehicle which suddenly U turned in front the car she was driving. We subsequently offered treatment as well and this client is now confidently driving again and relieved of all trauma symptoms.


  • YPP provided a medico legal report for a 6 year old child still suffering nightmares after an accident that happened when she was two years old.


  • An insurance company contacted YPP and requested a medico legal report for a rider after a car collided with her horse and threw her to the ground. The rider sustained multiple injuries.


  • YPP was asked to assess and treat a 39 year old war veteran whose emotional distress and pain problems were occasioned by active service. After treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and chronic pain, this client was able to return to work.


  • YPP conducted an educational assessment for a young autistic child, at the request of the family and school. Advice was also offered regarding managing autistic behaviour to promote an optimal learning environment.


  • Solicitors requested an assessment to determine fitness to plead in criminal proceedings. The client was a 27 year old with a learning disability who had fairly recently arrived in this country and who did not speak English.


  • YPP was asked to assess and treat the chronic pain and post traumatic stress of a client who had undergone a difficult labour and childbirth. Mother and baby are now well and the family are looking forward to the imminent birth of another brother or sister.


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