Complex Problems

Dr Ilona Singer

Therapy for individuals with long-standing complex problems

YPP specialises in offering therapy for individuals with long-standing complex problems who have suffered a number of trauma events in life. These are likely to include difficult childhood experiences, for example:

  •    Neglect
  •    Poverty
  •    Early or difficult  bereavement
  •    Family break up
  •    Health problems (your own or a family member)
  •    Bullying
  •    Sexual / physical / emotional abuse


Unhelpful Coping Skills?

As an adult you may find yourself in repeating patterns of chaotic and or unhappy relationships.  You may even have unhelpful coping skills such as substance misuse, self-harm, addictions, avoidance and feelings of shame. You think that your problems are your own fault and will never go away and this feeling sometimes completely overwhelms you.

We will work with you towards your future

We will work with you to put the past in perspective and gain hope for the future. Your therapy is likely to be part of a formulation based approach to current life difficulties and focus on learning coping skills for present-day living.


Kindly be advised that we are independent Psychologists working outside statutory services and do not have the resources to treat you if you present with an ongoing serious risk of severe self-injury or suicidal plans. Please seek help immediately from your GP. You may also dial 999 or ring The Samaritans on Freephone 116 123. Contact The Samaritans


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