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Dr Samantha Masley


YPP provides a wide range of professional training courses and workshops from basic to advanced level. 

Our training particularly supports Psychologists who are working in private practice but can be arranged to meet your specific needs. We will provide training for clients and fellow therapists across the UK. Below are our available courses. Please contact Dr Samantha Masley for further information. Contact Dr Samantha Masley




September (2 days), Bond Solon: Excellence in Report Writing.  Leeds. Bond Solon Expert Witness training


10th February : Cybertrauma- Issues for your staff and concerns for children. Wakefield 

Catherine is running a full day workshop to introduce you to the issues young people face in today’s cyber connected world. She is a leading clinical researcher of Cybertrauma with over 9 year’s experience of  clinical practice in this one particular field and topic, She has lectured extensively, written a book and online webinars/training and more recently produced a podcast called Cybersynapse.

Catherine’s specialist area of practice involves addressing young peoples behaviour online and the consequences of these behaviours on their mental health, self-esteem and general well being.

The workshop is designed for parents and professionals so you are most welcome to attend and Please share the details of this course with anyone you feel will benefit! Places are limited though.

The course will contain aspects from both professional practice and published research and covers: (This includes issues which are appearing in primary school aged children)

  • cyberbullying
  • cyber security
  • cyber self harm
  • sexting
  • p*rnography
  • abuse
  • trolling
  • ethics
  • safeguarding
  • online reporting
  • e-safety
  • mental health, addiction, attachment, brain development, eye strain, sleep, blue light and more…

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17th March (Saturday am) YPP Associates training for GDPR with Gary Hibberd

25th March online

Parents, you are invited to the following event:



Event to be held at the following time and date:

Sunday, 25 March 2018 from 19:00 to 20:00 (BST)

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This is webinar and Q&A session for parents to begin to explore the online behaviors of children and young people and learn strageies of how to help when it comes to peaceful parenting in a digital world.

This is not an e-safety webinar this is they why and the how to help, using my experince as a practitioner, parent and clinical researcher. 

The session will begin with a brief topic to get started, for example what is cyberbullying? or has my child seen pornography and what do I do now? The webinar will then be open for questions wher we can discuss any topic.

Questions can be sent by email, or asked anonymously/in the chat room so the platfom allows for us to have a conversation about whats really happening and so you can see that many parents are all having the same kind of questions, issues and troubles.

This will be a supportive space to work out some new strategies and to use brain science and child development to help you do this.

Come on in there isnt a question that cant be asked!


Cath Knibbs


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