Trauma, Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation Services

Yorkshire Trauma, Chronic Pain and Rehabilitation Services

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Highly Specialised and Integrated Trauma and Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Service

Yorkshire Psychology Practice offers a highly specialised and integrated Trauma and Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Service. Our aim is to provide the best quality psychological, medical and physical assessment and treatment for clients from within one team and in one location.  We help people to manage the psychological and physical consequences of chronic pain and injury, to restore their health and to return to living according to their values.

Assessment and Follow-up Therapy

We provide assessment and follow up therapy for clients who have suffered an injury through an accident on the road, at work or in other instances, such as a result of a criminal injury. We also provide medico-legal reports. Treatment programmes are tailored specifically to an individual’s needs and are compliant with the Rehabilitation Code.

Meet the Team

All treatment is provided by our doctor, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and clinical psychologists who are all NHS trained and work together in an NHS Chronic Pain Team.

We are registered providers of psychological therapy for health insurance companies such as BUPA, Aviva and Standard Life.


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