Do I need therapy?


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Yorkshire Psychology Practice offers a range of different therapies but, “Do you need therapy?”

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer to this question, but you do need to know that therapy involves talking to someone who is trained to help you deal with your negative feelings and distress. You do not have to be told by a doctor that you have a mental health problem to be offered or benefit from a talking therapy. The Yorkshire Psychology Practice employs a number of different psychological approaches and therapies to help people tackle their problems. Choice of therapy depends on a variety of factors and our expert psychologists will help you choose the therapy that’s right for you.

Not sure about therapy? The link below may help you to decide.
The website Supporting Safer Therapy is dedicated to improving the experience of therapy for people in the UK.   It contains information and practical tools to help you have a safe and effective experience of therapy.

Who is it for?
This site is for clients (patients) and for therapists (counsellors). It is not restricted to any particular kind of therapy.

Who has produced it?
A group of therapists, clients and researchers at the University of Sheffield Centre for Psychological Services Research has produced this independent advice.

Supporting Safe Therapy

Now read about some of the therapies that YPP can offer you from the list below:

Self Help Books

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